Case Studies

Project Title

BIRAC – landscaping of vaccine and biologicproduct development in India

Title Description

Sathguru was involved in landscaping product development capabilities and product pipelines of public and private sector entities to identify opportunities foraccelerating commercialization

Situation Analysis

Our client, the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), was scouting for expert consulting service providers to support its effortstowards conceptualizing potential Product Development Partnership (PDP) opportunities to accelerate development of vaccines and biologics in India. Complementing BIRAC’s emphasis on vaccines and biologics, the study included an effort to identify projects with significant advancement in the public research system. We engaged with most of the leading public research entities in the DBT and CSIR network, key public funders, representative sample of private entities and significant philanthropic funders and PDP managers.

  1. Assessed public and private funding landscape for discovery and development.
  2. Assessedtechnologytransfer capabilities and their adoption.
  3. Benchmarked tech transfer capabilities against global frameworks and structures.
  4. Identified research groups in India (public institutions) with translatable assets that could be advanced under a Product Development Partnership(PDP) model.
Our Approach
  1. Interacted (either in-person or through telephonic conversations) with several public research institutions and private biopharmaceutical companies.
  2. Focused on public research entities that are recipients of significant government funding for vaccine development; public funders that focus on vaccines and biologics, and non-government funders that are focused on driving or funding product development consortia and private companies that have significant focus on vaccines and biologics.
Study Output
  1. Comprehensive view of pipeline and research groups for public investors with an intent to accelerate such research.
  2. Identification of gaps in tech transfer and strengthening.
  3. Critical Assessment of PDP models adopted in India and globally (both), and recommendations for structuring enhanced value creating consortiums.