Case Studies

Project Title

Creating a commercialization pathway – transferring technologies from public to private sector

Title Description

Sathguru helped the Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology (ISCB), a bilateral program between the governments of India and Switzerland to transfer the technologies developed under this program to private sector for translational validation and commercialization.

Challenge/Problem statement/Situation analysis

A large public sector organization which directs life science research in India was a collaborator in a bilateral program with the Swiss government in funding public research institutes to develop GM technologies for application in agriculture and a microbial platform technology as a Bio fertilizer. Our client, being the funding organization invested significant amount during the life of the project with an aim to commercialize technologies to create an impact of the interventions made in research. The public sector research institutes that were the recipients of the funds and developers of the technology had little experience in product commercialization given the research mandate of their organization. The collaborators of the bilateral program approached Sathguru to develop an enabling strategy to commercialize the products through a public private partnership model.


The scope of Sathguru’s engagement included:

  1. Critically evaluate the research programs to identify technologies ready for translational phase of product development.
  2. Assess the opportunity for intellectual property (IP) protection and know-how classification.
  3. Identify potential industry partners for technology transfer and commercialization.
  4. Structure collaborative partnerships between private and public sector for translation and validation of the technology.
  5. Handhold the public sector ISCB grantees through the entire technology licensing cycle.

Sathguru’s approach was to identify the strengths of the technology, its competitive advantage in the market and its intellectual property potential to garner interest in the private sector for licensing and commercialization.

To achieve this, Sathguru:

a) Conducted detailed technical review to:
  1. Analyze the research program of each of the ISCB grantees and the commercialization potential of the intellectual property developed.
b) Conducted market and industry assessment to:
  1. Identify and analyze similar technologies in the market.
  2. Map research and industry trends.
  3. Shortlist potential private sector companies for technology transfer.
c) Followed our proprietary “Advancing Innovation Framework” in technology management to facilitate technology licensing.
  • In order to augment translational research and product commercialization, Sathguru recommended ISCB:
  • Pursue technologies that are in close proximity to the translational phase of product development.
  • License technologies to private sector that has capacity for translational research and a mandate for product commercialization.
  • Follow a novel technology auction mechanism and conduct India’s first competitive technology auction to private sector and facilitate functional partnerships for product development and commercialization.
Impact/Result/Client Benefit

Sathguru’s “advancing innovation” approach enabled ISCB to emerge as one of India’s first program to have showcased technologies to the private sector and licensed them through an auction and also become a licensor of technologies to private sector developed through public funding.