Case Studies

Project Title

Market entry strategy and business plan for human vaccines for a biotech company

Situation Analysis

Our client, a biotech company, was keen to assess the opportunity in human vaccines and develop a market entry strategy for the segment.


Sathguru performed a comprehensive opportunity assessment for the human vaccines segment and developed a business plan for the client. Sathguru assessed attractiveness of commercial opportunity and financial viability of the segment overall as well as individual products. Additionally, Sathguru also performed a techno-commercial review to understand viability of technology access and identify innovation trends shaping the mid-term industry landscape and market opportunity.

As a Phase I effort, Sathguru performed a dip stick study assessing high-level commercial opportunity across various product opportunities (currently marketed and emerging opportunities) to identify products to be considered for near term and mid-term portfolio inclusion. Based on this high-level Phase I effort, Sathguru prioritized products to be considered for Phase II which included a comprehensive review of technology access feasibility, product level RoI assessment and development of comprehensive segment strategy, business plan and financial model.

Study Output

An actionable business plan with specific recommendations on products to be pursued, capex to be incurred, technology access possibility to be explored with a full picture on financial implications.