Case Studies

“Market research and entry strategy for leading conglomerate venturing into agri-business.”

Title Description:

Sathguru helped a leading conglomerate by conceptualizing market entry strategy for seed business in APAC countries, developing APAC specific customized product offerings that helped the company gain a significant market share over a short span of time.

Challenge/Problem statement/Situation analysis:

Our client with some base in agri-input sector wanted to enter into the seed business in APAC. They approached us for providing assistance regarding the mode of entry, countries and products to focus.

Scope: The scope of engagement included:
  1. Profiling the APAC countries by critically analyzing the competitor, product feasibility, research and development, marketing and development and also the legal and regulatory requirements of seed business in these countries
  2. Developing a business model for the shortlisted countries by understanding the product feasibility and exploring strategic options and profiling target companies
  3. Developing market entry strategy and expansion plan by giving recommendations on capabilities required, route of entry and barrier assessment
Approach :

Weconducted a detailed market and industry assessment through secondary and primary research leveraging our internal repository, which includes various industry reports and working relationship with various Univ. / Govt. bodies/ companies in respective countries.

  1. Analyzing the industry landscape, market players and domestic market dynamics of APAC countries
  2. Shortlisting the countries assessed and further deep diving to understand the product feasibility, market dynamics, competitor analysis, research and development, demand and supply gap and regulatory assessment
  3. Developing business Models aligned to the strategic intent of the company and current market conditions to optimize synergy through Organic, Inorganic route and Product partnerships
  4. Defining the detailed market entry and expansion plan aligned to clients’ business objectives
  1. We recommended a hub and spoke model with the focus of research and development in the hub countries and thereby establishing the markets in both hub and spoke countries
  2. Inorganic mode of entry with phased expansion by restructuring and portfolio prioritization and optimization to align with the strategic intent of the client
  3. Strategic partnerships with universities and government institutions for accessing the germplasm
Impact/Result/Client Benefit

Sathguru’s assistance helped our client to understand the dynamics of seed industry in the selected countries and the strategic options of market entry.