Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions enables customers to accelerate business execution and proficiency. Sathguru’s Mobile solutions are the real innovations for competitive business environment. At Sathguru, our aim is to create next generation mobility solutions for industry verticals that deliver real value for investment. We are one stop shop for mobile vision for industries.

MAICE – web and tablet based software to support Field level Agronomy

“MAICE” is a web and tablet based solution to give Seed and Agri-business companies, a 360 degree view of their field and supply chain operations. The solution with its geo-referenced capabilities helps agronomists and crop consultants for complete crop planning with a strong prominence on sales. The integration of field level agronomy, farmer relationship management and supply chain management for strong sales performance makes MAICE a perfect fit for Agri business companies due to time sensitive nature of the industry and brings out significant ROI.

The powerful MAICE uses Android based tablet devices to handle critical business areas such as:
  • Grower Management
  • Field Survey
  • Farmer Training in the field without the requirement of bandwidth
  • Remote Crop Support Management
  • Farmer or Supply Chain Complaints Management
  • Stake Holder Management
  • Sales Force Visit Plan
  • Order Entry
  • Data Survey Program

The Remote Crop support feature allows customer to contact the agri support center to receive instant response and suggestions through audio visual media. MAICE is designed as a multilingual solution perfectly suited for agri business companies with a presence in countries across continents. The simple language selection makes MAICE ready for use at many locations, while having the advantage of consolidation in English at their head office location.